Blog Post On Adoption – Author – Wade Thomas

No one is born a child of God.  We are born children of wrath, sons of disobedience.

By my own will and by the first man’s sin (Adam), I was born an enemy of God, not His child.  And the exact same things is true for you.  All of the things that the Bible says about God being a Father did not apply to me until I was adopted by Him.  All of the things it says about Him as Judge did.

This is so important to understand as we read our Bibles, or else much of what God has written will not make sense.  God commanded His people to destroy all the people of Canaan when they entered the land (Deuteronomy 7:1-5).  He did not do that because He was the Canaanites’ Father.  He wasn’t.  Jesus said He was going to throw the false teacher in the church of Thyatira onto a sickbed and strike her followers dead because she refused to repent (Revelation 2:19-23).  He didn’t say that about a daughter of God.  She wasn’t.  God didn’t kill Herod Agrippa and have him eaten by worms (Acts 12:20-23) because He was Herod’s Father.  He wasn’t.  God is not everyone’s Father.  He is the Father of those whom He adopts.

Right now God offers to adopt through His Gospel, and when you hear it you are hearing that offer.  The Son Himself took on flesh and absorbed God’s fair and just anger for every sin of all those who believe in Him.  And He bestows His own goodness and righteousness on those same people, people who through gracious adoption become what they were not when they took their first breaths:  Children of God.

If you seek a Father, turn to Christ.  Christ’s Abba Father offers to adopt those who, by nature, are His enemies deserving destruction.  He adopts at great cost to Himself, and from pure, gracious love.

He can become your Father, but only by His own grace and through faith.