Run to the Shelter- Author – Wade Thomas

 I think it’s fair to say that for many of us Christians living today there has never been a more needful time for Bible reading.  The world’s riches and toys and pleasures are a very wobbly foundation on which to build a life, and all it took was a bug you need a microscope to see to expose that reality.  You and I need something more stable than 401ks and vacations and self-esteem on which to stand.  And because our God is good and loves us, He has given it to us:  His Word.
    Christian, sit down and read your Bible.  Pick a book of His Word and read the entire book.  Don’t Google “Encouraging Verses” and rip a sentence out of context and tell God what it means.  It means what it means, and you will only learn that by reading the whole piece.  Read all of Philippians, not simply Philippians 4:13.  Find out by reading all 4 chapters of this letter from God’s Apostle and inspired by His Holy Spirit.  Don’t assume “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” is about your morning jog or your dealing with a difficult co-worker.
    There is so much we don’t know about our God because we don’t read all of His Word.  Our generation is painfully ignorant about His wrath, and so we are not terrified for our unbelieving neighbors.  We are starving for knowledge of holiness, and so we have little idea of how God would have His children live.  We have a lopsided view of God’s character, assuming we know everything about God because someone told us that somewhere it says “God is love,” and we are content to stop there.  I am genuinely scared that many of us who are truly saved by grace through faith will nonetheless be very surprised in Heaven by the God we find there. That’s what you’re like?  Oh, how I missed it!”  And His response would be accurate if it were, “Yes, you did.  I gave you my character and my heart in my Word.”
    Because He is good, even such a sin will be forgiven, but turn it around now!  Read God’s Word in context, read it regularly, and read it with prayer in your heart to Him:  “Help me understand who You are through this!”  The better you know God, the better you will weather all the storms of life, pandemics or recessions or family strife or physical pain or any others that afflict you.  If you want joy, hope, love, steadfastness, peace, patience, feast on the book the Spirit inspired, and starve your heart of the lies from lesser places.  Dedicate yourself to the Lord in His Word.  He is so gracious, so merciful, that He will meet You there and do wondrous things in your heart that no self-esteem trick, no YouTube video, no flashy toy could ever do.
    Run to the Lord in His Word, Christian.  He is a shelter in all times, but we need Him most during the storms.